Five Big Mistakes that Spa Owners Make

Spa, as you know, is more than just a place of beauty care and body treatments. For any guest visiting your spa, it is an abode of solace – absolute relaxation. Therefore, it is critical for you as a Spa owner or a Manager to understand the purpose of existence of your spa.

No doubt, driving business and drawing revenue is the key to your success as an entrepreneur, but NEVER forget the fact that revenue comes from brand positioning, through excellent customer service. Among scores of other Spas, it is important to build a brand of your own by providing excellent service to your guests. The mantra is: Give them what they desire | Solace; an experience they will cherish.

But the irony is, very few spa owners or managers think and act that way. The prime focus everywhere is to earn a solid return on investment. And how do they do this? By merciless aggression in minting money, while committing the BIGGEST mistake of ignoring other aspects of brand image.

In this post, I shall list the top five mistakes that Spa Owners make in building brand position

1. Inefficient Staffing:

Hiring the right resources for your spa can help you go a long way in building an efficient team of therapists and beauty experts.  It is very important to hire experienced or well-trained resources for your spa. If you think performing beauty and body treatments is anybody’s cup of tea, let me caution you: It is a science! It requires years of experience and good training to master these treatments. So, it is critical to hire therapists who are either experienced or well-trained.

One uncomfortable treatment or experience can cause irrevocable losses to your business.

2. Inadequate Staffing

If you are running a staff, it is a good practice to train your therapists to multi-task, but it is hugely injurious to make them do the job of 4 people. Treatment after treatment and shift after shift can break the morale and stamina of your therapists. So hold on! Hire adequate staff that can handle work pressure as a team.

3. Inadequate training:

Continuous on-the-job training is very important to make your therapists equipped with all the skills required to impress guests. This will not only help raise your ROI, but will also help you attain an enduring brand image. A concrete training program should be in place, with adequate trainers, and required logistics. This program must be upgraded based on the developments happening in the wellness industry.

Therapists should be encouraged to be well-informed by organizing small-scale seminars and workshops for them.

4. Lack of focus on spa decor and ambiance:

If you are investing lakhs and crores on your spa, please don’t fall back on your interior designers completely. First, identify your theme and vision. Based on that, do some research – conduct competitor survey through site visits; discuss wide variety theme-based designs with your designers and choose the best.

Secondly, create a comforting and soothing ambiance by maintaining hygiene and beauty. A soothing spa decor and a pleasing ambiance can be a huge deciding factor for your guests to visit you again.

5. Lack of self-knowledge:

If you intend to start a spa of your own and do not have a professional background of spa, hold on! Starting a spa without good knowledge of spa industry can be hazardous. What you can do is read well before you take a plunge. Study and analyze the latest spa trends and industry norms. Meet and connect with people who come from spa background. Make yourself well-equipped with spa knowledge.

Without sound knowledge of the industry, you may head forward as a spa entrepreneur. But you can’t go a long way.




6 thoughts on “Five Big Mistakes that Spa Owners Make

  1. Very interesting read and definitely a beneficial read for those who run spas. Also, at times, the owners forget to brief their staff about servicing a client on first come and first serve basis. I do not understand their hurry of taking care of a client who regularly visit and ignoring a new one. Who says the new one cannot become a regular one 😀 loved it. Keep writing please

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