Six Power Steps to Wellness

Ok, so you jog every day? Then you spend the entire day at work, glued to your chair in a nine-hour work shift, with intermediate coffee breaks. At the end of the day you realize you have exceeded your work targets and also your permissible number of coffee cups.

What you gained through the day? Lots of endorphin in the morning, and then, a flood of mental stress and bulk of caffeine. No wonder you end up feeling unwell while retiring to bed. Interestingly, you always thought you are leading a healthy lifestyle just because you devoted 20 minutes to a religious jog every morning – You thought you were a wellness ambassador!

Have you thought, what wellness actually means?

It is simple: It is a marriage of mind and body. If your body and mind are not in sync, you will never feel completely well. In other words, this marriage will end. There needs to be a perfect balance between the two. Besides training your body, it is important to train your mind too!

How do you do that?

1. Start your day early:

Did I hear that right? You are a late riser? You can’t manage to start your day early?

Give yourself a break! Stop thinking that you can’t. Because even your heart knows that YOU CAN! It’s just about taking the first healthy step forward. What you can do is simple!

  • Set your alarm 15 to 20 minutes earlier than your scheduled time to start the day. If you generally wake up at 7 am, set the alarm to 6:40 am.
  • Keep the alarm clock five steps away from your bed so you can’t switch it off and fall asleep.
  • Set a soothing tone – but certainly not a sleepy one. 🙂
  • Don’t jump out of the bed. Let the alarm ring play (that is why I urge you to play a soothing tone). Sit up, stretch your arms, put your legs down on the floor, and walk up to the alarm clock to turn it off.
  • Drink a glass of water; go to the loo to freshen up for the beautiful day ahead.
  • By now, you must be feeling fresh. If you wish, start your day with a 5 minutes warm up and 20 minutes yoga or any cardio exercise. And if you are not an exercise person and a usual late-riser, don’t force yourself on a treadmill or a yoga mat. Alternately, first practice waking up early. For this, start your day with what you like to do. Example, listen to a soothing instrumental music or the songs you love. You may also choose to make a hot cup of coffee or tea and sit in your balcony and watch the world outside. You may also choose to water your plants or maybe read a book – ANYTHING that soothes your mind.

After practicing this for two weeks, you will be surprised to find the transformed YOU. By then, you will be an early riser!

Starting your day an hour and a half earlier than your usual time, will give you the benefit of finding time for YOURSELF.

Now you can switch to doing something that will help your mind work out.

2. Practice meditation/spiritual or religious chanting/ prayers: 

Meditation, spiritual or religious chanting or praying is different forms of spiritual workout. They help you focus on your latent abilities as a human being. They strengthen your mind and prepare it to face the rush of the day. Take out at least 5 minutes from your daily schedule in the morning to practice any of these.

3. Do intelligent hard work, don’t slog: 

All of us want to rise high in our careers. I agree! But at the cost of our health – physical and mental? I disagree!

There should be a limit to the work you do. Working intelligently is the best way – take up work that you can do within the business hours. If a bit of stretch is required, please do. But, plan your work. Learn to say NO, politely. Set your limits. Try to delegate work (if possible), instead of trying to be a superhuman who can work like a machine – all alone.

Slogging at work by taking up extra load of work voluntarily, just to earn a better rating, at the cost of your health, is not a smart way of working at all.

Try to work in a relaxed environment. Finish your work in time.

4. At home, be yourself: 

Try not to carry work home. Even if you have to, plan your work. Set timelines to complete that work. At night, when you are home, try to spend time with your family. Even if it is for an hour and a half, spend QUALITY time. Play a game, watch a good movie, or just chat up with them.

5. Eat well, eat right:

It’s important to focus on what you are eating, how much you are eating, and when you are eating.

  • Never skip meals (come what may) – Eating well is like worshiping your god-gifted body. So, take care.
  • Eat 5 to 6 small meals through the day – don’t hog on one single meal.
  • Carry healthy snacks with you all the time so you could munch on them.
  • Never watch TV, or surf the Internet while eating.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water every day

6. Be Thankful:

We humans have a general tendency to look at others and crave for what THEY have. But we never count things that we own, but others don’t. We are rarely content.

Besides a good lifestyle, what makes you a healthy person?

It’s the habit of being thankful. Every day, thank your life for giving you all that you are gifted with. Remember: There are people who are longing to have PRECISELY what YOU have.

Stay happy – Stay healthy! 😀